We're no Search Church, but we know that in order to be found online, businesses need lots of stellar content. Student Experts writes engaging, search-friendly blogs that convert readers into customers. Check out these three sample blog posts crafted just for SEER clients and let us know what you think!

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Sample Blog 2 - Lookout Mobile Security
Sample Blog 3 - Luggage Online

SEER, We Want to Create Content for You

Why is Student Experts a perfect fit?

Each month, our writers deliver 5,000 fresh blog posts on time and on budget across 30 different industries. By outsourcing content creation to us, you can stop chasing after writers and focus on growing your business instead. Today we continue to deliver content for Mr. Beck's prior employer, a Tucson-based internet marketing firm. Let us deliver content that SEER's clients will love.

We're Different

If you've tried other content providers, then you know how tough it is to find consistent, high-quality writing online. We hire the top students and recent graduates in fields like English, journalism and marketing. Our employees love to write and are passionate about helping SMBs market themselves online.

We're Scalable

For the cost of hiring one writer in Philly, we can provide twice the amount of content. As SEER grows, you won't have to worry about scaling your content solution. We'll keep the blog posts coming! Got a client with a custom project? No problem. We can tailor our approach to meet your needs.

We're Experts

Our writers and editors specialize in certain industries such as education, healthcare and travel. They spend time getting familiar with the latest news and most trusted resources within their niches and apply that expertise during content creation.

Meet a Few of Our People

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